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Gator-Tail Outboard Mud Motors

At Gator-Tail Outboards, they’re  passionate about designing and building high performance shallow water outboards. Gator-Tail mud motors are specifically designed to provide the driving comfort and reliability of an outboard with the shallow water performance capabilities of a surface drive.

Gator-Tail Outboards 25GTR EFI


The smaller brother to the 37hp EFI, is our 25hp, all access engine. This motor meets all requirements for horsepower restricted areas. The full featured engine while lighter than its big brother, packs a powerful punch into its lightweight aluminum frame. Every 25HP EFI engine can haul your gear and partners where you need to be and get them back to enjoy the harvest.


GatorTail 25GTR Features

Gator-Tail Outboards 25GTR Mud Motor Features



1) 25hp EFI Robin Suburu Engine

2) 20-50amp Charging System
Allows you to run all your favorite electronic accessories

3)Tachometer/Hour Meter
Allows proper operation data and precise maintenance windows.

4) 4750 Max RPM
Engine comes standard 4250 rpm limiter, protects against over revving

5) Smooth Ride Tiller
Vibration Reducing bushing makes longer runs easy.

6) ATV Style Reverse Lever
Allows instant reverse and easy access.

7) Easy Access Control Box
Start, Trim, Kill Switch and Gear controls all located on tiller arm for easy access and operation.

8) Integrated Free Floating Tiller
Enhances safety and control standing up or sitting down.

9) Insulated Metal Squeeze Throttle
Weather-proof throttle ergonomically designed for comfortable and reliable operation.

10) Waterproof Heavy Duty Trim Switch
Durable, commercial strength switch for reliable and all weather and all condition operation

11) 5000 lb./ft. Power trim Actuator
Allows reliable trim performance in all conditions.

12) Fully Adjustable Transom Clamp
Allows each GatorTail engine to be custom mounted to individual hull.

13) Locking Tilt Pin
Allows engine to be tilted out the water easily for maintenance, storage or while trolling in the shallows.

14) Dual Pivot Point Trim Impact System
Allows engine to freely kick up on impact with no effect on trim unit

15) Polymer Bushings
Allows engine to turn and rotate easily for safe and comfortable operation.

16) Cone Shaped Lower Unit
Separate Lube Chambers provide extra protection for bearings and weedless profile allows enhanced mobility.

17) 2 Blade Stainless Steel Weedless Propeller
Standard on all models.

18) Reverse Plate
Maximizes thrust for reverse power and keeps mud and water splash-backs to a minimum

19) Lifetime Belt Warranty
GatorTail's belt driven technology is with you forever, we guarantee it. Break a belt, we'll give you another one... forever.

20) Planetary Reverse Transmission
GatorTail's exclusive design provides powerful and reliable reverse, rated up to 250 hp

21) 2000 Hr. Electric Clutch
Forward and Neutral gears provided smoothly and reliably by GatiorTail electric clutch

22) Muffler with Heat Shield

23) Weighs 240lbs


The GatorTail Difference

At Gator-Tail, we love to hunt & fish just like you and we want dependable gear that gets us there and back. That's why we give our customers the best quality products for their hard earned money. Gator-Tail is the fastest, the best in quality, and the only motor on the market to offer an instant reverse option as well as a lifetime belt warranty. If your looking to go more places, have more power and just plain have the best mudmotor on the planet? Gator-Tail is here to give you all that and more. Gator-Tail Outboards have been revolutionizing the mudmotor world since the very beginning with their industry leading shallow water surface drive outboards. GatorTail Motors have been sold across the globe to people who depend their GatorTail to make their living as well as those looking for a durable motor with the capability to fulfill their hunting and fishing needs. Come by today and see why everyone is going GatorTail.




GatorTail Paint Options:
Gator Grass, Natural Gear, Black
Add $150


GatorTail Outboards 37GTR Mud motor camo shadow grass 200

GatorTail Outboards 37GTR Mud motor camo 200

GatorTail Outboards 37GTR Mud motor black 200


GatorTail Engine Options:
Tall transom $0 (Standard)
Short Transom Deduct $100
Non-Reverse Deduct $795


GatorTail Outboard Mud Motor 37GTR Belt 2

Boats and motors may or may not be shown with optional equipment  - anything and everything subject to change without notice