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Gator-Tail Outboard Mud Motors

At Gator-Tail Outboards, they’re  passionate about designing and building high performance shallow water outboards.
Gator-Tail mud motors are specifically designed to provide the driving comfort and reliability of an outboard with the shallow water performance capabilities of a long tail mud motor

Gator-Tail Outboards, home of the original belt driven surface drive mudmotor! At Gator-Tail, we love to hunt & fish just like you and we want dependable gear that gets us there and back. That's why we give our customers the best quality products for their hard earned money. Gator-Tail is the fastest, the best in quality and the only motor on the market to offer an instant reverse option.

Gator-Tail Outboards Mud Motors Sunset

Are you looking to go more places, have more power and just plain have the best mudmotor on the planet? Gator-Tail is here to give you all that and more. Gator-Tail Outboards have been revolutionizing the mudmotor world since the very beginning with their industry leading shallow water outboards

Gator-Tail Outboards Mud Motors Running

Gator-Tail is the Original Belt Driven Surface Drive Mudmotor and the only motor on the market to offer a instant reverse option. Take a look at our available models and options shown below to learn more and see why everyone's going' Gator-Tail

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Gator-Tail Outboards 37GTR EFI

GatorTail Outboards 37GTR Mud motor 480

Gator-Tail Outboards 25GTR EFI

Gator-Tail Outboards 25GTR Mud motor 480

Gator-Tail 25 HP GT & GTR

Gator-Tail Outboard Mud Motor 25 HP GT & GTR Subaru

Gator-Tail 25GT 25GTR Subaru Engine

Gator-Tail 25GT Outboard Mud Motor

Gator-Tail 25GTR Outboard Mud Motor


Gator-Tail Belt Warranty

Boats and motors may or may not be shown with optional equipment  - anything and everything subject to change without notice