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At Gator-Tail we did not come into the marine industry, we were born into it! Thats the difference here at Gator-Tail plain and simple. We've been setting standards in our industry from the day we came on the market with our motors and our boats are no exception. Stop by and check our line of Gator-Tail Boats today and see for yourself.

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Gator-Tail offers many different models of their Gator-Tail Boats stop by and get the one thats just right for you





Gator-Tail Boats Gator Series

Gator-Tail Boats Console Series

Gator-Tail Boats Extreme Series

Gator-Tail Boats XL Series





Gator-Tail Boats Bowfish Series

Gator-Tail Boats Redfish Series

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Gator-Tail - Gator Series Boats

The Gator Series by Gator-Tail offers you a great performing hull with a smooth dry ride and a tough as nails construction that makes it the perfect boat for hunting, fishing, or time on the water with the family. Its a perfect match for our Gator-Tail shallow water outboards.

Gator-Tail Boats Gator Series Header

Gator-Tail Boats Gator Series Hull Features

Gator-Tail Boats Gator Series Features and Sizes

Gator-Tail Boat Options

Gator-Tail - Console Series Boats

The Console Series from Gator-Tail. When you want more control, Gator-Tail's got you caovered. Our console series features remote steering for the ultimate in control and driver confort for those long runs to the duck blind, fishing hole, or days out on the water cruising with the family.

The Gator-Tail helm features all standard controls such as steering, throttle, forward-neautral-reverse, ignition, engine kill switch lanyard, and trim switch. As wells lights, bilge pump, etc., all within easy reach. Gator-Tail's Console Series also features a deluxe camo seat for your driving comfort.

Gator-Tail Boats Console Series Header

Gator-Tail Boats Console Series Hull Features

Gator-Tail Boats Console Series Sizes and Features

Gator-Tail Boat Options

Gator-Tail - Extreme Series Boats

Introducing the Extreme Series from Gator-Tail. The Extreme Series is the boat you've been waiting for. Its stepped chine design allows for superior sharp turn handling combined with a dry ride and speed like no other. Which makes it the best choice as your next hunting and/or fishing boat. Many of our customers agree that the Gator-Tail Extreme Series is ahead of the pack when it comes to performance. Its out best selling model and its everything youve wanted in a boat, and its ready for you. Come by and check out the Gator-Tail Extreme Series Boats and get yours today.

Gator-Tail Boats Extreme Series Header

Gator-Tail Boats Extreme Series Hull Features

Gator-Tail Boats Extreme Series Hull Features and Sizes

Gator-Tail Boat Options

Gator-Tail - XL Series Boats

The Gator-Tail XL Series is all about being extra large. For those who want more than the normal Gator-Tail offers the XL Series. Its big, its bad, its built to be the top dog with more power, room and all the pure awesomeness we could put in it. Dual Gator-Tail GTR engines give this beast more get up and go and the power to move all the gear and friends you want to haul. Weather you want it as a bowfishing rig or the ultimate duck hunting machine, Gator-Tail can build it the way you want it. and can rig it out with whatever accessoires you want. The only problem is choosing which freinds to take with you in your new Gator-Tail.

Gator-Tail Boats XL Series Header

Gator-Tail Boat Options

Gator-Tail - Redfish Series Boats

Gator-Tail's Redfish Series is one lean mean redfishing machine! The Gator-Tail Redfish Series is just what you need to get through the shallow water and back to those fish in those hard to reach spots. Its versatile, fast, and equipped, with plenty of power to move you. Its got everything you need to be the angler youve always wanted to be.

The Gator-Tail Redfish Series is the perfect fishing and family boat with its roomy interior that gives you plenty of room to move around and with options and accessories such as power poles, etc, you can be the envy of all your friends.

Gator-Tail Boats Redfish Series Header

Gator-Tail Boat Options

Gator-Tail - Bowfish Series Boats

Bowfish Series boats from Gator-Tail. Fish beware bease this bad boy is coming! Bowfishing has become a very popular sport in recent years and Gator-Tail has answered the call to provide a boat rigged just for it. The Gator-tail Bowfish Series has everything you need for a great fishing trip for you and your friends. It features high intensity LED lights that require no generator along with plenty of space to move around in comfort. the Gator-Tail Bowfish Series Boats can be powered by single, dual, or even triple Gator-Tail Outboards.

Gator-Tail Boats Bowfish Series Header

Gator-Tail Boat Options

Boats and motors may or may not be shown with optional equipment  - anything and everything subject to change without notice