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Excel Boats

Excel Boats are manufactured by Outdoor Enthusiasts, for Outdoor Enthusiasts. From our new pad bottom high performance aluminum center console bay boats to our duck boats and surface drive mud motor boats or our bass boats. At Excel you will find that our passion shows through in the toughness, functionality, and performance of our boats. Excel Boats is committed to delivering the finest most custom aluminum fishing and hunting boats - One Weld at a Time!


Every Excel boat that comes off the line is built above industry standards. Welds are all by hand, “one weld at a time”. Extra foam is injected under the floor, deck and every crevice to ensure Excel are the safest boat on the water. Additional foam also strengthens the hull and deadens sound for a quiet ride and stalking big fish. Longitudinal ribs run the full length of the hull from bow-to-transom, providing superior strength and durability. Heavy-duty gunwales are engineered to take a beating from timber.

Excel Boats - Bay Pro Series

The 203 and 220 Bay Pro incorporates Excel’s newest hull design, the Excelleration™ Pad Hull. This hull is engineered to provide the highest degree of performance, stability, handling and seaworthiness in an aluminum boat hull. Water under the boat breaks cleanly and away from the running pad and virtually eliminates hydrodynamic drag. This results in increased performance, speed and handling.

Excel Boats - 203 Bay

Excel Boats 203 Bay Center Console Bay Boat


Excel Boats - Viper F4 Series

Excel Boats Viper F4 Duck Boat fishing and hunting

Acorn loving mallards beware……..there is no escape from the Viper™ F4. The Viper runs on the water like a “train on its tracks” providing peace-of-mind on early morning runs. An optional bow mounted LED light makes night like day. The patent-pending (optional) KIK-UP™ transom consists of dual heavy-duty gas shocks that helps absorb impact from your outboard’s lower unit in encounters with submerged stumps and logs. The step deck takes the leg-work out of getting in and out of your boat. Heavy-duty gunwales are built to take a beating season-after-season. Still not convinced? Ask Rick Dunn and the Echo team why they think the Viper F4 is the best duck boat made!

Exel Boats - F4 Shallow Water

Excel Boats F4 Shallow Water

One look at the streamlined and aggressive profile of the Excel F4 and you know this boat means serious business. And beauty runs deep in the F4. Tank-like construction provides the hull strength needed for backwater travel. In the rare situation that something dare stand in the F4’s way, an optional built-in 3000 lb. winch permits access to the inaccessible. The F4 step deck enables hunters’ easy access into the boat, serves as an ideal vantage point for your retriever and eliminates backsplash for a drier boat ride. Storage is integrated into rear seats and every F4 is equipped with a gun box.

Excel Boats - 220 Bay

Excel Boats 220 Bay Center Console Bay Boat


Excel Boats - F86 Bull Nose Console

Excel Boats F86 Bull Nose Center Console

This is one tough hunting and fishing machine. A massive, crash-resistant tubular bow means business. The Bull Nose Center Console is the ticket for coastal flats, tidal mud, marsh or the river. The streamlined, aluminum center console allows for a better vantage point and comfort on long runs. Twin rod/gun boxes and front deck storage provide plenty of room for gear. The rear F4 step deck makes climbing in and out of the boat effortless. The stout transom of the 1860B86CC is designed to support twin surface drive motors for maximum muscle. The Bull Nose’s shallow water hull is also ideal for jet outboards.

Excel Boats - F86 Shallow Water

Excel Boats F86 Shallow Water

The F86 coins the word tough. It is built with 5086 .125 gauge aluminum, the toughest and lightest aluminum you can get for a high end duck boat. The F86 line of professional hunting boats were designed by Glenn Foreman, the CEO of Excel and a 40 year veteran of backwater travel. His passion for the outdoors and understanding of what it takes to make a duck hunting boat is exemplified in this exceptional boat model. The F86 design focus is on ample storage, lots of foot-room and everything - and we mean everything in the right place. If you are looking for top quality at a great price, check out the pro grade F86. While your are at it, check out the B series F86 with its 1/4” crash resistant tubular bow rail.

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